UFO: Afterlight

Commercial action strategy 3D game | 25 team-members | 10 months | C++, OpenGL, Lua, SQL
UFO Afterlight - image1


UFO: Afterlight is a product of ALTAR Games company and it is the 3th part of the UFO series. According to majority of reviews, it is also the best part. The fact was that we had only 10 months to make it (it was less than 50% of the time what we needed for previous parts and the team was smaller). Basically, this project was meant just as a finantial injection for the company without any ambition to make a good game but it ended up as a really nice game. I really enjoyed making it as well as playing it! We succeeded because of awesome team-work and the special thanks is for mighty Radim Křivánek who, as a lead designer, was able to make it despite of all the constraints we had.

UFO Afterlight - image2

My role

  • Business Analyst - to stand between the game design department and programmer's department. To understand ideas of game designers as well as constraints of programers and put it in harmony
  • Database Specialist - to design a data model for all configuration data of the game, to provide a solution how to work with this data in a convenient way
  • Game Designer - to come up with new ideas, to review ideas of other designers and to balance data setting of the game