Bad Boy's Poker

Spare time project - a desktop game | C#, Photoshop
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Bad Boy's Poker is a spare time project and an extension of the famous strip poker concept. In the game, you are gonna use any available tactics in order to see the girl stripped including various cheating styles.

Originally, in 2002 I wrote very simple Strip Poker in Delphi. Later on, I decided to rewrite the application as a entertaining way how to practise C#. During the development, I focused mainly on:

  • Strict OO-design - The application consists from autonom components which comunicates via messages (particularly MVC design pattern). This has been done in order to achive maximal flexibility
  • Data driven architecture - Constants have been put into a configuration xml-file to separate them from the application logic. This approach allows easy way of data tuning and balancing (even during the run-time) and allows user custom versions (modes).
  • Internationalization support - Strings are not hardcoded but are loaded from the embedded localization database according to the chosen language. You can easily add another localization version without changing a line in the source code.
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  • Robustness - The program has been written in a very deffensive way. The program is going to work even if you delete all the data except the main binary. You can try ;-)
  • Logging - Error and Game logs have been in use since start of the project to simplify bug-tracking
  • Wide range of used technologies - .NET2.0, Cryptography, Threading, I/O, XML, XSD, E-Mailing, Configuration hangling, SQL (embedded Firebird), Gui extensions (transparency support, hyperlinks, image transitions), Audio...